How much does a Psycle Life Class cost?

Your first ride is free with us, so that you can experience what it's like to enjoy PSYCLE LIFE.

After your first class you can purchase 1, 5, 10 or 20 ride packs.  The more you buy, the cheaper each ride becomes.

The table below lists the pricing.  Please note this is subject to change and the latest pricing is always shown once you login to your account.  We often run specials on the packs.

Number of Rides Cost Per Ride Pack Cost Expiry Days
1 $25 $25 30
5 $23 $115 60
10 $21 $210 90
20 $19 $380 120


What is a class like?

Its fun and exhausting at the same time.

Each class is 45 to 50 minutes and includes a warm up, variety of, climbs, jumps, sprints, tapbacks, weights, cool down and stretching. The rider is in control of resistance and speed.

The entire class is choreographed to appropriate music, and generally there is a staff member avaialble during the class to assist you if you are unsure of how to complete something (ie: tapback).

Ohh and its in the dark, so you don't have to worry about looking silly!

What class is best for a first time rider?

All classes are open to all levels of riders (occasionally we do run Advanced classes and these are easily identifiable on our timetable). Go at your own pace and HAVE FUN! We offer beginner classes once per month, these classes dates and times are published on our website and timetable.

How do I reserve/cancel a class?

You must reserve/book a class online via our website.  Create an account and from there you can buy a single ride or one of our ride packages. Once the account is created and you have purchased your package you are able to reserve a bike or cancel a reservation. You may also call the studio if you have any questions.

Please note that you cannot just turn up to a class without reserving/booking your bike, as numbers per class are always limited.

Link to Sign-in page: www.psycle.life/reserve/

Do you have memberships?

No. We offer single rides and 5,10 and 20 ride packages. The more rides you purchase, the less you pay per class.

Do the ride packages expire?

Yes. A single ride has 30 day expiration, 5 pack ride 60 days and 10 pack ride 90 day expiration.

What is your cancellation policy?

You must cancel your class greater than 3 hours prior to your scheduled class or you will be charged for a no show, which means you forfeit your ride. Psycle Life reserves the right to give your seat to someone on the wait list. Thank you for your cooperation.

What are your hours of operation?

Psycle Life is generally open from 5:45am until after the last class of the day (normally around 8:00pm). If you would like to tour the studio we have our staff on site during these times to assist you with any questions you may have about our studio and classes.

Group Booking enquiries should be directed to the staff and are avaialble at all times when there is no scheduled class (prior booking required).

What is your class etiquette?

CHECK IN! Please be ready at least 5 minutes before your class is scheduled to begin. Treat front desk and instructors as you would like to be treated. Once music is rocking, no talking and surrender your phone. Respect and be kind to other riders. Stay for cool down and final stretch. If you need to leave early, please let your instructor know prior to start of class.

Where exactly are you located?

50 Eastlake Parade, Kingston Foreshore. We are excited to see you in class soon!

What makes Psycle Life different?

Psycle Life is Canberra’s first stand-alone dedicated indoor cycling studio. Psycle Life offers a friendly, relaxed, safe, team oriented environment to enjoy group cycling at its best. Our reservation system allows you to reserve your seat and your specific bike. Our team of instructors have carefully been selected for their passion, dedication, energy, respect and AMAZING personalities. At Psycle Life we are dedicated to offering you the best indoor cycling has to offer.  Psycle Life is an amazing fitness workout.

Do you have Gift Cards/Vouchers?

Yes, we offer Gift Cards/Vouchers.  You can purchase them in-studio, or online using the following link.  Vouchers are sent immediately to the recipient with a code and pin number they can use to redeem the voucher, again online or in-studio for any merchandise or service that we offer.

To purchase a Gift Card/Voucher use this link: https://www.psycle.life/reserve/index.cfm?action=GiftCard.new

Do you have a performance tracking system so I can see my results?

Yes. At Psycle Life we utilise Performance IQ which monitors your performance data including heart rate, calories, power, and RPM in real time using group display or an app. After your workout, our system allows you to check your progress on your computer or phone with the ability to store and sort previous class performances.

Do I need to be in shape or fit to take a class?

The Psycle Life classes are adaptable to all fitness levels. Each rider is able to control his or her resistance level and speed. Our instructors will encourage you to push you to your limits and perform to the best of your ability. No experience is necessary to participate in a class further to this we offer beginner classes once per month. Ultimately, you decide how hard your work on any given ride.

Did you know our classes run in the dark? This means you can ride as hard as you like without the fear of being watched.

What do I need to bring with me to class?

Wear appropriate cycling attire, sneakers or cycling shoes. It is best not to wear 'baggy' shorts if possible.

Towels and water are available at the studio free of charge for each rider, or you can bring your own water bottle.

Do I need to have cycling shoes to participate?

No, but cycling shoes are best and will enhance your experience with a more effective workout.  Our bikes, the new Keiser M3i are equipped with dual sided pedals to accommodate either type of footwear. No thongs, dress shoes, boots or socks allowed.

Do you have changing rooms or locker rooms?

We offer changing rooms, showers and toilets. Lockers are provided for you free of charge to store your belongings during class.