Spiritual Fitness

Psycle Life is a place where body and soul are harmonised to create a previously unimagined level of wellbeing and personal achievement. We call it Spiritual Fitness. As in life, you are challenged. But you are never alone. Together we prepare, we cycle, we pursue and we achieve. It is is an indoor cycling experience like no other.


It takes focus. After all there is no such thing as an easy ride at Psycle Life. It is high energy indoor cycling re-incarnated. Forty-five short minutes that transforms the way you look and feel. Focus on fat-burning cardio, a body honing workout and fun filled choreography.

Let's set the scene.

The moment you enter Psycle Life you’ll know you’re in for a very different fitness experience. We start with inspiring instructors, subdued lighting, awesome bikes. The beginning is inspirational and our music will have you climbing mountains. Saddle up. If you can do this, you can do anything.

What is Psycle Life?

What is Psycle Life?

Psycle Life is a 45 minute indoor cycling class that involves peddling, handlebar push-ups and light weigh-lifting combined with a touch of spiritualism and tyre pumping music.

What is Psycle Life?

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Three Easy Steps

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